Todo lo que debes saber sobre el seguro de Inundación

Huracán Irma en Puerto Rico (DR-4336)

• FEMA’s National Flood Insurance Program Enhances the Flood Claims Process and Extends Grace Period for Policy Renewals
• FEMA Advises Disaster Applicants to Beware of Rumors, Misinformation, and Fraud

• Coming Home After A Flood:

• NFIP Policyholders Must Follow the Guildelines of Their Flood Policy When Cleaning Up
• Mold Clean Up After Floods
• What To Do After A Flood
• What To Do After Your Flood Adjuster Visits
• Understanding the NFIP Claims Process
• Flood Insurance Claims Handbook for Policyholders
• Increased Cost of Compliance

Information from website:
• Beware Of Fraud And Price Gouging
• NFIP WYO Company Phone List
• Flood Claims Appeals
• Tips for Clean-Up
• How Do I File My Flood Claim

• CSPAN Roy Wright:
• FACEBOOK Live with Roy Wright on mold
• FACEBOOK Live with Roy Wright on filing your flood insurance claim
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